We see Research and Development as an exciting area of what we do, and we will embrace the challenges and benefits it can offer.


We aim to grow a self-improving partnership of schools, using research to inform our CPD provision and reflect our strategic priorities.  Research and Development will challenge us to become recognised leaders in these areas. All staff are encouraged to undertake research which may be supported by HEI partners and other national research organisations.


We will share expertise, learn from and with each other, and more generally across the wider school system.  Our research activities are designed to improve the experiences and learning outcomes for all students and staff in the Alliance.

Research Activity

Since 2014 when we became a Teaching School we have worked closely with Professor David Hopkins, developing ‘Theories of Action’ for a number of schools. These are evidence based strategies to inform school improvement priorities and develop a culture of reflection and action.

EEF – REAL Projects

We took part in this project with the Innovation Unit to look at using project based learning. Initially we were in the control group and then took part actively. The success of REAL projects with our students meant we have continued using project based learning with our students and have since developed this further with other Year groups and curriculum areas.

EEF – Embedding Formative Assessment

This project is testing a two-year professional development programme based on Dylan William’s work on formative assessment. Formative assessment involves teachers using evidence of pupils’ understanding and learning to make decisions, minute-by-minute and day-by-day, about the next steps in teaching and learning.

NCTL – Typologies of Research

This was a project to develop protocols which culminated in the development of a website which has frameworks schools can work through in order to be research ready:

Research Rich Schools

Applied Minds – iPads in Project Based Learning

This project led by the Teaching School Lead School aimed to see how iPads in the classroom could be used effectively in Project Based Learning with collaboration, peer review and authentic audiences. Levels of behaviour, achievement and engagement were surveyed to evaluate the effectiveness of the project. Out of the 10 which took part they all saw improvements in these areas and all schools continued to use iPads in learning and develop this in their curriculum.


EEF and Research Schools

Mounts Bay Academy (along with Trenance Academy) is now pleased to be an Associate Research School. Cornwall Associate Research School works in partnership with Kingsbridge Research School. This includes delivering training, attending conferences and developing the work or Evidence Leaders in Education.