Teacher Training Approach – Sport England

The Teacher Training Approach has been awarded to Applied Minds Teaching School by Sport England for the period December 2018 to January 2020.

The Approach is being coordinated by a consortium of Sport England, the Youth Sport Trust, the Association for Physical Education and Activity Alliance. There has been a small trial and we have now been asked alongside other Teaching Schools in the country to take part in the next phase of the project.

The programme’s aim is to enhance the delivery of physical education in secondary schools through developing bespoke and relevant professional development for teachers of PE and sport.

We are working with a number of schools to map and identify current practice and develop new approaches and activities collaboratively to ensure that we are successful in enhancing the relevance and quality of provision to students engaged in the project.

We are excited to be working on the project and are committed to the following expectations:

* Helping teaching professionals to better support inactive young people and to adapt delivery to ensure that all young people have a positive experience of PE and school sport.

* Reinforcing the relevance of PE and school sport to wider school outcomes such as: attendance, behaviour, achievement and pupils’ resilience with school leaders, governors and parents.

* Be involved in evaluating and providing ongoing feedback of lessons learnt as the varied approaches are tested and developed.

* Sharing practice, learnings and experiences with each school and the wider educational world.

You can find out more Sport England’s programme here: