NPQ & Career Development programmes

We are keen to develop those who are new to the profession and also those further into their careers as teachers.

We have offered various courses including ITP, OTP and NAML. Since the NPQ suite of qualifications have been re-launched we are offering the NPQML which has been successfully running since April 2018.

We are working in partnership with SSAT (the schools, students and teachers network) to deliver the programme.

SSAT is committed to professional development through this programme:

SSAT’s commitment to middle leadership

SSAT are committed to supporting and developing high quality middle leadership. We know how important middle leadership is to the success of any school – they are the invaluable connection between teaching in classrooms and the wider leadership vision and strategy. We also recognise that the roles of middle leaders and middle leadership cannot be narrowly defined; the terms capture such a broad range of responsibilities across school types, phases and contexts – pastoral and academic, departmental and whole-school.

We embrace this diversity and complexity. The NPQML will focus on the essentials that transcend good middle leadership in all settings, whilst allowing for contextualisation and particularisation. We are committed to ensuring our training is evidence based and draws upon the latest research.

About the NPQML

The NPQML follows a school-led approach. The NPQML offers a flexible modular approach and provides all the resources required for partners to successfully deliver training.’

Module overview:

* Introduction to the NPQML
* Vision, values and the moral purpose
* Leading and managing innovation and change
* Managing resources and risks
* Data analysis for performance and progress
* Evidence based teaching and learning
* Leading strategic improvement
* Developing your leadership approach
* Building a high-performance team
* Support and challenge – holding yourself and others to account
* Developing yourself and others
* Collaboration and partnership

Applied Minds is committed to professional development and enabling schools to grow their own leaders:

The programme develops the skills, knowledge and behaviours that are needed to be a high-performing middle leader and drive school improvement strategies and team performance. The programme is aimed at teaching staff in primary, secondary and special school settings with responsibility for leading a team.

The course is delivered by a team of exceptional school leaders through a blended learning approach.

Our current Cohort have been amazing and we have enjoyed working with them on their whole-school projects and assignment. Some have been able to secure promotions since starting the course:

Quotes from our Cohort:

‘It was useful to reflect on our different priorities and future goals’
‘Making links between my personal vision and the school’s, and discussing what this wuold look like in the classroom’
‘Deeper understanding of effective project management’
‘Talking about approaches and priorities in teaching and learning’
‘Conversations re: progression pathways and identifying development needs’

Cohort 1 have given 100% overall feedback in all the modules as ‘Excellent’.

We are now taking applications for our next Cohort starting on 9th May.

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Program Administrator
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