Research Circles

We at Applied Minds Teaching School are always striving to be open minded about progress and new ideas. We like to explore, engage with other leading educational professionals and trial and test new thinking in teaching and learning. We believe this innovative way of thinking enables us to re-think how ‘CPD’ is done and really begin to be evidence informed and research savvy.

We have created a number of research ‘circles’ which aim to discover over the course of a term what the latest research and thinking is and discuss and agree what and how it can be tried and tested in each of our settings. We are working cross-phase and encourage a system of shared responsibility and collaboration.

We are exploring a number of groups including:

3-18 Curriculum
Cognitive Science
Artificial Intelligence
Outdoor Learning

If you want to find out more or join us on this journey with any of the groups, do get in touch:

Helen Rodgers
Teaching School Administrator
01736 352321


Applied Minds Teaching School

Project Based Learning

We have the benefit of hosting EOS Education with Carl Jarvis and Sam Gallivan for 3 days this week. They are here to provide CPD in Project Based Learning for our Alliance Primary schools as part of a Research Project we are undertaking.

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