Using Lego as a therapeutic intervention

We had a great time at our Teachmeet this week. We enjoyed some interactive talks on a range of topics including:

Using the Linkee game concept to develop linked questions for key ideas. This is great with older students as a revision tool.

A developed feedback and assessment tool in MFL and use of a vocal recall app which uses QR Codes.

Learning about the Councils plans for Integrating services to support children more effectively.

We enjoyed hearing about how teachers can use Lego as a therapeutic intervention tool and having a go with some augmented reality!

Teach meet 24th January

We are hosting our next successful Teachmeet this month where teachers are welcome to share ideas about research, teaching and learning to other teachers in a relaxed atmosphere. Our last well attended evening created a lot of discussion and engaging conversation around all the talks. Come along to our next one to join in. All welcome

See our flyer below for info or get in touch if you are interested in coming along to either share or attend.

TM January 2018

Teachmeet 8th November

We are hosting an Autumn Teachmeet where teachers are welcome to share ideas, research, teaching and learning to other teachers in a relaxed atmosphere.

See our flyer below for info or get in touch if you are interested in coming along to either share or attend.

TM November 2017

Teacher Training!

We have received our school direct allocation for 2018/19 cohort:

Primary 4 places

Secondary – places in Art, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computing with ICT, English, MFL, History, Geography, Maths, PE.

UCAS will open on 26th October 2017 and our code is 12U (Mounts Bay Academy).

Further information on our Teacher Training pages.

BUT… PE will fill very quickly along with Primary and some other subjects. We can only take 1-2 trainees in our Secondary subjects. Be quick!

iPad courses

We have a number of courses arranged for using iPads – covering pretty much everything you can think of! They are useful for staff new to using iPads or those who have lots of gaps in their knowledge. They are also good if staff are thinking about the Apple Teacher status.

You can see our courses on Eventbrite:

Introduction to iPads

Enhancing Productivity with iPads

Fostering Creativity with iPads

Enhancing Learning with Pages

Enhancing Learning with KeyNote

Enhancing Learning with Numbers

Coding with Swift Playgrounds

Formative Assessment with iPads

Amazing day

We had a truly amazing day on Monday 3rd July at our Annual Conference. Over 130 people gathered at the Headland Hotel in Newquay to focus on a day of workshops, keynotes and networking. Our theme was ‘Removing barriers: building success together’ and we started off with an inspiring performance of ‘Fields of Gold’ by the Mounts Bay Academy HPI Choir. This led amazing session with Dominic Peckham. He had everyone laughing, moving about, singing and generally challenging preconceptions and comfort zones. Then we heard from Dr Janet Rose who took us through some keep ideas and research on stress and learning, emotion coaching and the relationship between pupil and teacher. We also had some great workshops through the day from Dominic Peckham, Dr Rose, Remembering Our Roots, RJ Working, Foster Focus and Growing Links. Our keynote in the afternoon was Luke Rodgers and Scott King from Foster Focus. We heard about growing up in care and the horrible experiences they both went through. We were all challenged, shocked and moved by what they said.

Here are some feedback quotes from the day:

‘Luke and Scot who I found very inspirational, I was very moved by their life stories’.
‘Engaging and ‘different’ – very enjoyable’.
‘Loved the flow of each speaker – ‘joined up thinking’
‘A really excellent, thought-provoking day that will have an impact on me for a long time’
‘Great linked themes, which are very relevant to us at the moment’
‘Real stories, thought provoking’
‘You have left me emotionally drained with a fresh perspective on teaching’
‘After many conferences, this was – perhaps – the best’
‘Opportunities for networking with staff from other schools’

Click on the video below to see what we were up to.

NCTL Blog Roger Pope

You can read this here or below: NCTL BLOG

Headteachers leading beyond their own school gates

Roger Pope, 27 June 2017 — CPD, Leadership development, NLE, School-led system, Teaching schools

Roger Pope

Roger Pope Chair of NCTL looks at the changing nature of school leadership.

There was a time when to become a headteacher was to reach the top of the tree. With the introduction of local management of schools in 1988, heads were given control over their own budget and staffing, and when I was appointed as a headteacher 10 years later, the local education authority was a long way away in distant county hall. Data was only just being invented, so no one quite knew how good or bad you really were. I was free to run my school pretty much as I liked. It was my manor. And if I wanted to ignore everyone else, pull up the drawbridge and retire to my office with a nice cup of tea and my pet Labrador, then that was my prerogative.

Nineteen years later and a lot has changed about headship. Increasingly, being a headteacher is not just about your school, and it is no longer the endpoint of a career. I think it is a remarkable and uplifting strength of present leadership that headteachers are rolling up their sleeves and helping to lead the system. Over 1,250 heads are now designated national leaders of education and 750 are leading teaching schools. They could all be enjoying the comfort of their own high-performing schools, but instead they’re supporting colleagues and directly benefitting many more pupils. And now, the school-led system is about to ramp up another gear.

The recently launched £140m Strategic School Improvement Fund will target resources at schools most in need of support. The Teaching and Leadership Innovation Fund will add another £75m for improving teacher CPD and leadership development in the areas of the country and the schools that need it most. Schools are currently being invited to be accredited as providers of the revised suite of national professional qualifications. The challenges are massive, but so are the opportunities.

Headteachers are no longer just leading their own school – they’re leading the system.
Whether as part of a teaching school alliance or a multi-academy trust, groups of schools are taking collective responsibility for all of the pupils in their group, not just within their own school. That’s easy when it’s about sharing some ideas about the new geography syllabus. It’s harder when there are real costs.

It was a challenging conversation with my head of biology when I explained we were sending one of her best teachers on secondment to another school. We were an outstanding school and could easily recruit a replacement – our sponsored school was in special measures and could not, but their children still needed an outstanding teacher. That summer, we had our best ever exam results in biology, and so did our sponsored school. They had learned from us, but we also gained both from what they did, and from having to examine our own practice rigorously before holding it up as an example to others.

You might be the standalone headteacher of a school, but the ultimate responsibility may be with the CEO of your multi-academy trust. This can be a bit of a shock to someone used to virtually complete autonomy, but there are some big benefits. Heads can grow into a post, knowing that they have support hard-wired into the system. There is someone else to worry about economies of scale and auditors so you can focus on improving teaching and learning. And yes, you will be held more closely to account, but the pupils will benefit. And that’s what counts, so let’s make it work!

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Book Review: Leadership Matters

We have been reading several interesting books over the past year and reviewing them at our regular meetings. Here’s a review a Headteacher has done of Leadership Matters by Andy Buck:

Review Leadership Matters

We are now all reading Hopeful Schools by Mary Myatt and will review that in September.