Aims and Principles

We will develop and provide leading edge teaching services incorporating the Adventure Learning philosophy to increase the level of our educational performance.


We will do this by:

  • Raising the collective standard of education delivered
  • Providing greater opportunities for students by developing better teachers
  • Developing a culture that is co-progressive in it’s attitude towards teaching and learning
  • Inspiring a generation of learners
  • Being imaginative and sustainable

Everyone can grow – from the youngest child to the most experienced teacher. We are empowered, motivated and creative in our desire for everyone to progress in the ever changing educational landscape.

If you haven’t come across Adventure Learning before, you’ll find that the concept is an exciting means of applying a hybrid, inter-disciplinary approach to the traditional lesson structure. Links are forged between subjects, helping to ground the lessons in their wider context and encourage learners to apply their knowledge in different ways. Students are offered the opportunity to get to grips with real-world environments and issues. This form of learning equips students with the ability to be passionate, questioning learners and gives them the grounding they need to apply learning for life.