Conference News

We are looking forward to our Conference on 3rd July. We’d like to introduce one of our keynote speakers in more detail.

Dominic Peckham. website

We first heard Dominic speak at the SSAT National Conference 2016 and knew we wanted to invite him to join us. Dominic is very dynamic and will certainly bring a powerful and lively start to our day!

Dominic Peckham is a conductor of immense energy and focus delivering ‘gutsy, raw and exciting performances’. Internationally renowned in his conducting and pioneering educational work, Peckham appears regularly on TV and Radio.

Here’s a short clip from the SSAT Conference:

Youtube SSAT Conference

He will also be hosting a small workshop for those interested in drawing out the best in those who love to sing! We hope to have a small group of students who can join us for this who will then perform at the close of the conference.

Email Helen Rodgers for further details on the conference and to book places: